Intrude: To come into a place where unwanted or unwelcome. Keeping the outdoors out and the indoors in. That’s the job of your RV. It requires maintenance and occasional repair.

Apalachee RV Center has the skills, resources, and training to maintain your RV’s roof, seal points, screens, and seals.

Never has the saying been more true that…

An Ounce of Prevention Is Worth A Pound of Cure

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Storm Damage

If your RV becomes or has been exposed to violent weather conditions please have your roof and vent systems checked. Most insurance covers storm damage, few cover water intrusion.

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Neglected maintenance on your roof can ruin a a camper in very little time. The maintenance cost is a small price to pay compared to a major repair bill.

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Windows & Doors

ProFlex Flexible RV Sealant is the sealant for doors and windows. More elastic than silicone and with superior adhesion its Tripolymer formula displaces water and ensures a watertight seal. Bonds to virtually every material, even when damp, oily or frozen.

The Worst Leak Your RV Will EVER Have Is The One You Can't See!

Seal Tech is a patented system that pressurizes the entire RV very slightly, so roof and seam leaks can be located by a simple soap bubble test, often far removed from the location of the interior damage.

The Seal-Tech device is attached to an open roof vent so it can pull air into the coach and slightly pressurize the entire RV.We then spray a soap solution on exterior seams where a water leak might be suspected. The pressurized air inside the coach will find any leaky spot that might let water in during a rain.

Seal Tech Pricing Starts at $179.95

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