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Suspension Upgrades

COMING SOON. Tired from fighting the drive? We can improve the comfort and drivability of any coach. Ask about a Road Performance Assessment. Major chassis/suspension repair and enhancement is just one of our areas of expertise.
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The suspension components of your RV can mean the difference between arriving at your destination refreshed or exhausted. Do you fight swaying every time a truck passes? Are you always “sawing” the steering wheel back on forth to keep in the lane? If so, here’s why; when your chassis leaves the chassis maker it is bare bones engine, frame, and wheels, without even a body on it. That same chassis model can be used as the base for multiple body layouts and floor plans. Each one has its own characteristics and will affect the way the RV handles and rides. Typically, the suspension components are built to the minimum requirements for multiple applications. There are many ways to increase the safety, comfort, and enjoyability of driving and riding in your coach. We have worked with several aftermarket companies to provide a comprehensive assessment of your particular coach. We use this evaluation or assessment to target areas that can be upgraded to provide increased performance at the best value for your money. It might be upgraded shock absorbers or heavier duty sway bars. There are multiple ways to boost safety, comfort, and handling. We know what works best because we have years of experience and exactly 100% of those customers who had us install upgrades have been very pleased with the results. We hear “we should have done this sooner” a lot. Call and ask us about a safer better handling RV after all, you might as well enjoy your drive.